On 13 March 2013, Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio emerged as the first Latin American to head the Roman Catholic Church at 76 years of age.

He chose Francis as his papal name in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi, because of his similarity with the Saint’s austere life, respect for nature and closeness to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Our Pope’s lifestyle is reflected in one of his most recurrent thoughts: “The best way to serve others is by being humble.”

People say he is a very modest minister who greatly enjoys spending time with the poorest and most marginalized. His social commitment makes him a global leader whose opinions are quite influential to the international community.

Nowadays, at 80 years of age, Francis is known for his closeness to youth, for his humility, and social commitment.

In addition to his exemplary lifestyle, he is the author of “Meditations for Religious” (1982), “Reflections on the Apostolic Life” (1986), and “Reflections of Hope” (1992).

Also, Francis has authored encyclicals “Lumen Fidei” (The Light of Faith – July 2013) on the power of faith to guide people along their journey, and “Laudato Si” (Praise Be to You) on care for our common home.

He is a different Pope. He is worried about those most in need and about leading, by example, families around the globe. But above all, he is the Pope of Change, a Supreme Pontiff whose pontificate will not cease until peace reaches everyone.