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My integrity and that of my family

  • In case of emergency, hold a card with your name, last name, ID number, and contact person’s telephone number on it.
  • Attend the mass wearing a broad brimmed hat to keep the sun off, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, cotton clothing and sunscreen.
  • Bring bottled water to hydrate and easy-to-carry snacks like cookies or cereal bars.
  • Avoid large capacity bags or backpacks.
  • Take care of your family. Do not bring children under the age of 7, pregnant women, or seniors older than 70 years. Keep in mind the service will be long, massive and during the summer.
  • Decide on a meeting point with your companions in case of an emergency.
  • Carry a backpack with the necessary supplies. And do not forget to bring your medication if you have a chronic disease like diabetes or hypertension!
  • Avoid consumption of perishable foods.
  • Look for the area’s health care leader if you feel dizzy, or if you have shortness of breath or chest pain. They will take you to the nearest health facility.

Public safety precautions

  • According to a city ordinance, all traffic and street trade will be banned on streets around the area within 24 hours before the event and 10 hours after its completion. Therefore, get as close as possible to the zone of influence by bus, since parking will not be available, either.
  • The possession of firearms is prohibited within the zone of influence.
  • Look for accommodation facilities before travelling to interior regions. Avoid using tents.
  • Follow INDECI’s instructions, do not exceed areas’ maximum capacity, and keep away from police cordons to avoid traumatisms, falls and being trampled.
  • Check your tickets to confirm time and locations. Also, use corresponding credentials to access restricted areas
  • Large-scale meeting areas will open at least 12 hours in advance.
  • Private vehicles will be banned from approaching within 1 km of Las Palmas Air Base.

Before and during the Holy Mass

  • In case of emergency, keep calm and follow security guards’ instructions.
  • Only those registered in their parishes and who hold a valid ticket will be allowed to attend the papal mass.
  • Get information on the routes and access points according to your zone indicated on the ticket.
  • Be sure you know the emergency evacuation routes and safety zones.
  • Be sure you know where medical assistance booths and restrooms are located.
  • Keep the seat you were given. Do not obstruct the established evacuation routes.
  • In case of an earthquake, keep calm. Evacuate in an orderly manner once the shaking stops and get to the meeting point you and your companions chose.

After the Holy Mass concludes

  • Evacuate in an orderly manner using the set routes. Keep calm and be patient. Keep in mind the evacuation will be progressive, and follow brigade members’ recommendations.
  • Use public transportation services.
  • Do not take part in violent activities that may result in disturbance or put your life at risk.
  • Avoid group gathering at access and exit points.